Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Why I Want To Work For Google

I've just started reading a new book (first read in a long time) entitled: "Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead" by Laszlo Bock who 'leads Google's people function' i.e. attracts and keeps people in Google. I'm only part way in but it's already struck so many chords that ring true inside my head.

I don't want to spoil the book in any way, shape or form so please go read for yourself. 

With that out the way, as quite a few people in my life know, my dream is to work for Google. This started yeeeaaarrsss ago, when I first heard about the infamous office slide. "A SLIDE?!?! AT WORK?!?! ABSURD!" I couldn't have been long out of secondary school, I may have still been in there so my view of a company like Google was still under the same image I had for any other grown up work establishments: suits, ties and cubicles. You can understand why this blew my mind and changed my focus forever. It may just seem like just a slide but to me it's an idea of something that I now push more than anything and that is that work should be FUN! We work more than anything else in our lives so for a company to realise this and make this become a reality is absolutely brilliant.

This blog is a short one, I want people to ask questions to me or to themselves for the fool experience. The final point is a realisation I came to walking home from work today. I've heard time and time again from people that school, college and uni are the best years of your life. This is due to freedom, not TOO much pressure and responsibility with freedom being the biggest of the three. What I had realised was this: everyday in primary school, I walked to and from there with my rucksack happy as can be, learning. Secondary school came along, I walked to and from there with my messenger bag happy as can be, learning. College came along, I could now wear what I wanted. Everyday I would go to and from college on the bus in my shorts, t-shirt and messenger bag happy as can be, learning. Uni came along and it was the EXACT same scenario as  college and now working for The App Business in London, it's exactly the same again. It may sound silly, it may sound like repetition but it's repetition of the BEST years of my life which has followed me through to my career: I get to learn everyday with a like-minded group of people, excited about what I do, wearing what I need to make me comfortable in my environment and being happy.

To me, Google is the pinnacle of this and I feel it's where I need to be a few more years down the line

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