Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Testbash 2014 - The Conclusion

I write this post around two weeks after Testbash so unfortunately it is just a memory that has slightly faded but I'd like to think talking about it keeps that memory afresh :-).

So hopefully if you're reading this you've already read the previous parts that preceded this conclusion (if not, what are you playing at?! Get yourself back to the front of the line). You'll have hopefully grasped that I had a lot to talk about coming away from Testbash and it that it left such an amazing impression on me as a professional and as a person. As stated before it was the first time meeting my peers and the people I'd be interacting with in the testing world for a long while to come yet so every moment was going to be exciting as I'd have the possibility to learn and meet new people. Learning was definitely the main point in my eyes, I'm sure most people will agree with me on this, and there was an abundant source of knowledge/chances to learn everywhere you went, whether it be at the bar or sitting down for dinner.

Watching all the pros talk was such an amazing spectacle as you must appreciate these are the guys I want to emulate and be around so seeing them in action is inspiring stuff. I realise that I'm years off any high level of testing and so I also recognise everyone around me had a LOT more experience ahead of me.

The 99 second talk specifically has planted some seeds in my head as I now REALLY want to do a talk on something properly so I'm racking my brains on topics that could span 30 minutes, haha.

The experience was something that I feel has made want to become a better test so I can give back like these guys do on a regular basis, I'm thankful for the opportunity in the first place so I must thank my boss Dan Caseley and Roger Booth for enabling me to take part. Thank you to everyone else was kind enough to talk to me or help me out in anyway, I understand a newbie can be annoying sometimes so thanks for putting up with me :-P.

Cheers for reading everyone, big thank you to Rosie Sherry for organising it all and make it all run very smoothly

This is the fuzzy tester (Zachary Angelo Borrelli) signing out

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